In 2021 the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, coordinator of the “Isole di Toscana” Biosphere Reserve, initiated the Young Reporter Project involving 16 young people in a widespread editorial community in which they can play a leading role in reporting on the values that underlie the recognition attributed by UNESCO to the Tuscan Archipelago under the Man & Biosphere MAB Programme.

In line with the communication strategy of the UNESCO MAB programme, entitled “Proud to Share”, the Young Reporter project aims to stimulate in young people the desire to discover the environmental and cultural excellence of the “Isole di Toscana” and to tell the stories of the communities that live in the constant quest for equilibrium between man and nature.

What is a “Widespread Editorial Community”?

“A Widespread Editorial Community” is a group of distinct and adequately trained entities who, using common rules and methods, manage and update web-marketing tools in a unified and cooperative manner, with the common goal of promoting a local area and/or products.”

In the case of the “Isole di Toscana” Biosphere Reserve, these are young people who have been trained so that they can contribute their own articles, posts, images and videos to the updating of the communication tools of the Biosphere Reserve: website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram profile. The 16 Young Reporters of the first edition, 2020/21, produced 36 articles for the News section from March to December 2021, on the topics of places, people, culture and projects.

You too can become a Young Reporter!

A second widespread editorial community was formed in autumn 2022 and is currently operational. If you’re between 16 and 22 years old, love writing, video-making or photography and you live on the Tuscan Archipelago, you can join the Young Reporters at any time and tell everyone about your part of the world! Write to